Cycled SmartBin uses Ai to sort recyclables out of the general waste stream

How it works

Why Cycled


Waste pollution is mostly a consequence of contamination of recyclables - dirty recyclables are too costly to repurpose hence they end up in the oceans and landfill.


The Cycled SmartBin avoids contamination by sorting recyclables out of the general waste stream, right at the point of disposal. The technology uses AI to detect the material type and a propriety mechanism to sort individual streams into respective inner containers.

How to use

Step: 1

Drop item into the lid

Step: 2

Scan QR code with your camera to claim reward on the web app

Step: 3

Input email address on the web app to create profile and accumulate reward points

Step: 4

Use the "redeem reward" option on the Cycled web app to claim reward


Rewards Conversion

How to claim rewards

Step: 1

Visit the Cycled Web App ( and login with your email

Step: 2

Click the redeem reward button available in the drop-down menu

Step: 3

Enter number of points you wish to redeem, click "Redeem" and select reward outlet

Step: 4

Receive shopping voucher details by email within 24 hours

Rewards outlets

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